REaDY Summit 2016 offered unique workshops that covered a wide range of topics.See below for a list of the workshops included in the REaDY 2016 program!

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Workshop Presenter Description
#1 Connecting With Nature Veronika Bylicki & Zohreh Rezaiemanesh, Metro Vancouver Sustainability Toolbox With over half the world living in cities, we are losing our connection to nature. This disconnect has led to environmental and health problems which has been coined as "Nature Deficit Disorder". Participants will learn more about NDD, the barriers to getting outside and what we can do collectively to create small and systemic changes so that we can reconnect with nature.
#2 Lead Today and Change Tomorrow at Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound Kyle Empringham, Public Engagement Specialist, David Suzuki Foundation There's a movement growing in Howe Sound. Come explore how Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound is helping children and young adults learn how to become environmental champions of their region.
#3 Homegrown Gardening 101 Kristin Crouch, BC Master Gardener How can you plant your vegetable garden so you can enjoy it all year round? At this workshop learn which crops are not only easy to grow, but will store well so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour into the winter. Participants will be able to pot a winter crop seedling to take home and plant during the spring!
#4 Making Sense of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (and Why Greenhouse Gas Emissions Don't Make Sense) Nicholas Heap, City of Richmond, Sustainability Program Manager In this workshop, discuss key questions such as how is it that human activities can affect something as huge as the global atmosphere? What makes greenhouse gases so potent? What can people do to fight climate change, and what new opportunities for low -emissions living are now becoming available?
#5 Overcoming Barriers of Household Recycling Linh Huynh, City of Richmond, Waste Reduction & Recycling Coordinator Are you having trouble navigating through the various recycling programs to know which items goes where and how additional items such as electronic products can be recycled? Join us to for a fun, educational and interactive workshop on the recycling system of the City of Richmond. Participants learn about food scraps recycling, blue box recycling, how to deal with electronic waste, what each number in the Mobius loop represent, importance of proper sorting and facts on biodegradable/compostable products.
#6 What Moves You to Take Action or Not Diana Ellis & Cynthia Lam , Suzuki Elders, David Suzuki Foundation We will explore our own hopes and fears about sustainability and the environment in order to better understand how those move us forward and hold us back. Why? Because, as youth leaders, knowledge of our own personal insights helps us work with others in our community.
#7 Richmond's Ecological Mash-up Lesley Douglas , City of Richmond, Manager of Environmental Sustainability Did you know that Richmond is home to a healthy population of barn owls, internationally recognized foreshore wetlands, unique inland bog habitats and one of the first pollinator pastures in the region? Come and learn more about the local ecological treasures and initiatives waiting for your discovery in this interactive and engaging presentation of Richmond's "Island City by Nature". Trivia & Prizes included!
#8 Movement for Change: Exploring Active School Transportation Anna Kirkpatrick, Hub for Active School Travel (HASTE) This interactive workshop will provide participants with an introduction to active transportation. Why is active transportation important and what can we do to facilitate walking and cycling in our communities? Through games, hands-on activities and stories we will begin to explore some ways we can transform our schools and communities.
#9 Food for Thought Lizzie Yan (Green Ambassador) and Ian Tom (UBC student) Food isn't just what we see and eat. All foods are part of something larger - the food system! Join our engaging workshop and explore how food comes to be, the issues that emerge from its journey, and how we can overcome these challenges.

**Please note, Food for Thought will be delivered once, during the 9:45am-10:45 am slot ONLY**

#10 The Ripple Effect? Jana Caine & Emma Lu, Student Founders of Glass Half Full Foundation Being that the world is much more interconnected than ever before, everything that we do has an impact on the planet. The impact of water use is no different, stemming from what clothes we wear to what food we eat. Being educated about these issues is an important step towards leading a greener future. Throughout this interactive workshop, a wide range of water issues will be discussed, from global to local, each relating back to decisions we make in our daily lives. With a focus on water related issues happening in Canada, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about their personal water usage and discover what can be done to create positive and tangible change.

**Please note, The Ripple Effect will be delivered once, during the 11:20am-12:20pm slot ONLY**