We offer 15 unique workshops that cover a wide range of topics.

Each workshop is an hour long and will be led by experienced presenters.

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Workshop Presenter Description
Barn Owls - Our Urban Neighbours Andrew Huang, UBC / City of Richmond In the presence of a live owl, we will explore the basic ecology of Barn Owls (Tyto alba) - including their North American distribution, prey items and how they hunt for them, and other unique physiological traits. We will also focus on the BC population of owls, which are federally listed as Threatened, and some challenges they are facing today, including habitat loss, rodenticide poisoning, and vehicle collisions.
Cacophony: The Acoustic World of Marine Animals Kathy Heise, Marine Biologist, Vancouver Aquarium Sound travels far more efficiently in water than light. This workshop explores the role of sound in the lives of marine animals, particularly for the endangered southern resident and threatened northern resident killer whale (orca) populations. Kathy will give a brief background on why we need to be thinking more about the acoustic world of marine animals, give some examples of the different ways in which they use sounds, play some of the noise we introduce into the marine environment and then discuss solutions.
Cedar: Tree of Life Debra Merrier, Aboriginal Child & Youth Care Worker, Native Education College All parts of the Cedar tree are an important resource for First Nations & Aboriginal people. Through the use of display of Cedar projects, participants should be able to learn how the Cedar is respected including when and why the Cedar tree is harvested. Everyone will be able to learn to twine inner cedar bark bracelet.
Film: Northern Grease: A Veggie Powered Quest for Truth Beyond Boarding Group Northern Grease is a documentary film following a carbon neutral vegetable oil-powered bus on a trip around BC and Alberta in an effort to showcase the destructive nature of the various industrial projects faced by British Columbian and First Nations communities. The film illustrates the connection between social and environmental issues.
Keep Cool!, A Live Musical Comedy Show on Climate Change DreamRider Theatre "Keep Cool!" teaches kids what they can do to reduce their energy consumption and minimize their carbon footprint. Kids will learn about positive actions they can take to offset climate change, specifically teaching them ways they can reduce carbon gas emissions.
Planting Workshop Jill Wright, Garden Designer, Jill Wright Garden Design Let's talk dirt! Do you know what is in your soil? We will talk about the different types of soil and the insects that live underground. The class finishes with a hands on planting workshop.
Sense of Story, Sense of Place Dr. Scott Sampson, Vice President, Denver Museum of Nature and Science Today, for perhaps the first time in history, the bulk of people live without a meaningful story that roots them with nearby nature. Sense of Story, Sense of Place is a workshop designed to inspire you to develop your own story and to mentor others in doing so.
Sustainable Seafood: Smoked Black Cod Ian Lai, Chef, Principal of Urban Agriculture Consulting Join Chef Ian Lai as he fillets, smokes and wraps sustainably caught black cod in mandarin pancakes for this Asian twist on fish tacos.
Workshop Presenter Description
It's Not Garbage - What Your Parents Don't Know About Food Scraps

Farrell Spence, Client Relations and Business Development Manager, Harvest Power

Linh Huynh, City of Richmond

Our resources are depleting and it's simply silly to just throw them away. Join us to discover how pizza crusts and chicken bones are turned into compost and electricity. Discover the large scale composting process and how methane gas is converted to clean, renewable energy. By preparing their own fruit salad and creating their own herb pot using newspaper, this fun, interactive workshop teaches participants how they can support Richmond's community to be more sustainable by recycling more and wasting less.
Our Bones are Made of Salmon

Shannon King, Education Coordinator, Fraser River Discovery Centre

Larry Grant, Language and Culture Consultant, Musqueam Nation

Kamala Todd, Cree Filmmaker, Musqueam Nation

Aboriginal people have relied on salmon since salmon became abundant in the Fraser River about 5000-6000 years ago. Musqueam Elder Larry Grant will speak about his family's connections to the Fraser River. A short film, Hiqw Stó:lō, will share oral histories about how salmon once came to the Fraser River.
Workshop Presenter Description
Cities for Kids

Alaya Bosivert, Project Lead: Right to a Healthy Environment, David Suzuki Foundation

Michelle Molnar, Environmental Economist and Policy Analyst, David Suzuki Foundation

This interactive session will help draw the connections between enshrining children's rights, building liveable cities and preserving the environment to support generations of healthy children to come. Through a handful of case studies, we will examine the visionary purpose and language of rights and how children's rights can be translated into green initiatives.
Food and the Environment Colin Dring, Executive Director, Richmond Food Security Society How do our food choices impact the environment? Topics covered will include how our food system generates waste and pollution, the impacts of industrial agriculture on climate change, and how to make sustainable food choices that benefit people and the planet.
Running a Sustainable Business

Arran Stephens, CEO / Co-Founder, Nature's Path Organic Foods

Jyoti Stephens, HR / Sustainability Director, Nature's Path Organic Foods

Arran Stephens and his daughter Jyoti will be sharing the experience of building their iconic business while discussing the benefits and challenges of sustainable business models in today's marketplace.
Taking Stock of Climate Solutions Ryan Kadowaki, Senior Coordinator for Science and Policy, David Suzuki Foundation Climate change is a big problem, BUT there are many solutions. This presentation will look at some of the fascinating acts of climate leadership and energy transformation that are critical to a sustainable future.
What Lies Beneath: The Hidden Life of the Fraser River Estuary Andrew Appleton, Environmental Coordinator, City of Richmond Find out what kinds of critters are lurking in the Fraser River estuary! Richmond is an island in the middle of one of the most productive estuaries on this continent, but cloudy waters keep much of the action hidden. This workshop will use various media to introduce participants to these secret "neighbours".