REaDY Summit 2017 offers unique workshops that cover a wide range of topics.See below for a list of the workshops included in the REaDY 2017 program!

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Workshop Presenter Description
#1 Sustainable Marketing 101 Kishoore and Katrina , Green Ambassadors Explore the world of sustainable marketing and events planning. Learn how to plan for sustainability through a fun and interactive session that includes creating your own marketing pitch!
#2 Round and Round: The Ins and Outs of the Circular Economy Boris and Hawk , UBC Students, former Green Ambassadors Learn about how the circular economy works and how the acts of sharing and borrowing contribute to a lighter footprint, more connected communities and a greener planet. This session will also explore the circular economy in schools!
#3 Steering Towards Sustainability: Greener Transportation! Kate and Eric, Green Ambassadors With 1.2 billion cars on the road around the world, transportation has become a major pollution source in our environment. Imagine being surrounded by cars and breathing in all those exhaust fumes. But you can steer us away from that! Featuring electric vehicles, transit, cost effectiveness, Richmond's new bike lanes and much more, our workshop will explore the impact we have on our environment with loads of shocking facts and interactive activities. Be inspired, make some change and become a greener transporter!
#4 Cooking for a Better Planet Chantal Denis , Sustainable Chef at Spoonful of Chanti What and how we eat has a huge impact on our planet. In this engaging cooking demonstration, we'll explore how powerful environmental action starts in the kitchen. Come get the scoop on how to make more conscious food choices and learn some cooking tricks that will help fuel your environmentalism. Come get a taste (literally!) for sustainable eating! **Please note this workshop will be capped at 40 participants per session.
#5 The (Un)usual Suspects: Priority Invasive Species in Richmond Taryn Hesketh , Environmental Coordinator, City of Richmond Invasive species are the second largest threat to biodiversity, next to habitat loss. Participants will learn identification tips of the City's priority invasive species and their impacts to health and safety, infrastructure and ecological functions. As well, find out what the City is currently doing in an effort to contain and potentially eradicate these invasive species.
#6 Make Your School Garden Pollinator Friendly: One Butterfly or Wild Bee at a Time Anika Ng (Green Ambassador) and the David Suzuki Foundation Richmond Butterflyway Rangers In this session, we'll explore the necessary steps for starting a school garden. We will focus on the problems wild pollinators like butterflies, moths and wild bees are facing today. We will then share solutions such as how to plant pollinator friendly plants.
#7 Busy About Bees and Butterflies Cameron Cartier , Professor at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Project Lead, Border Free Bees Native bees are responsible for one out of every three bites we eat! Learn about what is happening in Richmond to help support our native pollinators and test run the new Citizen Science App, for native pollinator identification.
#9 Recycling CSI Laurie Ackerman , Sanitation and Recycling Clerk, City of Richmond Put on your invesigative hat and join Richmond's elite recycling forensic team to investiage what happens to your recyclables as they leave the curbside. Through this fun, interactive and educational adventure, you'll learn the anatomy of recycling and why it's important to sort your waste properly without leaving a trace.

#10 Waste Free Water Metro Vancouver Sustainability Toolbox: Youth4Tap Have you ever wondered where our water comes from and why water conservation matters? Come to learn about where our water comes from and the student-led Youth4Tap movement. This fun and interactive workshop will have you looking at your tap water in a whole new way!