We offer unique workshops that cover a wide range of topics.

This year there are two workshop sessions. All workshops listed below except for "Making Connections: Why Sustainability?", "Handmade Seed Paper", and "Tough Choices" will be running during both sessions. Each workshop is fifty minutes long and will be led by engaging presenters.

Workshops are subject to availability, so register soon!

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Tough Choices and Energy Management in Our City 101 Levi Higgs, City of Richmond's Corporate Energy Manager The City of Richmond, recognized as BC.'s only Power Smart Leader municipality, continues to strive to reduce its energy and carbon footprints. Through presentations and activities, join the City's Energy Managers and learn about future City goals and initiatives and how our community can do its part to reduce energy use.This workshop will discuss the importance of energy conservation and specific projects and initiatives that have helped the City reduce its energy use. It will cover upcoming initiatives that will look to continue the City's energy reduction, and specific tips and actions that you can do within your home to reduce your energy use. The end activity of the workshop will be to determine, in teams, the best way to meet the energy demands of the City of Richmond and learn more about the environmental impacts associated with certain choices.
Your Home - Energy Consumption and Making it More Energy Efficient Einar Holbig, CEO of E3 Eco Group Inc. This workshop will cover a range of different energy-use topics, relating to you and your home! This includes, what kind(s) of energy do homes use, where does that energy come from, Cost of energy and challenges of cheap energy, how much energy do homes consume and where does it go, monitoring your own home's energy consumption AND ideas on how to reduce the energy consumption of your home.
Veggies for a Better Meal - and a Better World James Spears, BC Master Gardener A hands-on workshop on springtime planning for a kitchen garden. A kitchen garden can be as small as a few herb pots or as big as a sunny back yard full of veggies for year-round eating. Sun is required. Add soil, the right seeds or plants at the right time, and you are on your way! Workshop topics include: What are your goals? Soil, location, starting from seeds, and timing. How to have happy plants, Internet aids, Garden tricks, and 1 or 2 challenges!
Vibrant Community Visioning Mural Sophika Kostyniuk, David Suzuki Foundation's National Organizing Manager From Declaration to long-lasting change; a discussion on environmental rights in Richmond and around the world with host Sophika Kostyniuk. Last October, the City of Richmond unanimously adopted a declaration in support of the Right to a Healthy Environment, ensuring that access to fresh air, clean water and healthy food guides the community's direction into the future. Richmond was the first of a total of 30, and counting, municipalities across the country that have adopted the declaration. The residents of Richmond have clearly demonstrated that citizens can make a positive difference in their communities through passion and perseverance. In this workshop, you will learn what the Blue Dot Movement is all about. You will also have a chance to express your vision for a vibrant and sustainable community by turning it into a creative mural with other participants in the workshop. Please join us and let's have some fun!! All art supplies will be provided!
Do-It-Yourself Wisdom Workshop Lindsay Coulter, David Suzuki Foundation's Queen of Green Today we outsource stuff we once made at home - food, textiles, soap - leaving it to big companies to make what we need. Our households are mainly for storing stuff and enjoying screen time. (Yuck.) Plus, there are hidden toxics in our everyday household cleaning and personal care products. This workshop will help you start to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals. We'll make three things you use daily: toothpaste, deodorant and liquid laundry soap with simple food-grade ingredients.
P.S. My deodorant recipe is even winning over some hard-core skeptics!
Please bring containers to take home goodies: one 1 L bottle/jar and two small containers/jars.
Check out for more information!
Throwing It Away? Repurpose It Instead! Eric Che, Hayley Lai, and Joanne Kit , Richmond Green Ambassadors Are you throwing that away? Think AGAIN. Reuse is an important part in protecting our environment, more so than recycling. Come today and learn how to turn your house trash into a secret stash!
Making Connections: Why Sustainability? Alice Xu and Jay Matsushiba, Youth Environmental Leaders It may seem obvious to us why sustainability is important, but what is it at its core? To us, sustainability is ultimately about stories; stories of each of us as individuals, our world around us, and the interactions between us. How does connecting stories help us understand sustainability better? Sustainability is more than just statistics and facts about our changing world; sustainability is the collection of stories, passed on between individuals, which paint a bigger picture. Through sharing and listening to each other's stories, this workshop will connect-the-dots to bring ourselves, others, and the world around us, together.
A Lot More Than Pretty Flowers - All You Need to Know about Invasive Species! Eric Portelance, City of Richmond Environmental Coordinator Invasive plants and animals present the second most serious threat to biodiversity after habitat loss. Join this engaging workshop and discover the often pretty, but growing concern posed by common invasive species in Richmond. From the toxic giant hogweed to the beautiful purple loosestrife, this workshop teaches how to recognize the area's worst offenders with plants sample and show how you can be part of the solution!
Sustainable Seafood Kyle Empringham, David Suzuki Foundation Public Engagement Specialist Learn all about sustainable seafood! You'll learn about where seafood comes from, how you can make ocean friendly choices in your grocery stores, and how you can cook delicious meals with seafood for your friends and family to enjoy.
Raptor Force Kim and Karen Kamstra, Raptors Ridge A presentation about owls, hawks and falcons living amongst us, come see these magnificent birds up close. Raptors Ridge is dedicated to promoting the conservation of birds of prey.
Create Handmade Seed Paper With the ChART Collective Megan Smetzer and Cameron Cartiere, Emily Carr University of Art + Design Seed paper is easy to make and environmentally friendly too. Join the ChART Collective for a paper making demonstration and learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities that will contribute to the creation of a pollinator pasture and an art installation of 10,000 bees made from seed paper.
Creative Eco-Marketing Vincent Chiu, Eco-Entrepreneur Communication in the 21st century is critical for success. Rather than having to communicate the same message more than once, let's try being creative! Demonstrate your skill in an elegant and artful manner. In this workshop, experience and explore the unforeseen strength of good communication and explore the possible applications of eco-marketing.